1. He __ from New York?
am are is 
2.How  old __ you.   
isare be
3. Jane and Mary __ in the garden.
amare is
4. It is __ book.
5. One girl - two girls
    One women -two ___
6.One foot - two ___.
7.Mary is eleven today. It__is birthday.
8.Is__your cat.
9.We go __ the supermarket.
10.He__ a new house.
havehasto have
11. __ Mr. And Mrs. Smith any children?
Havehas to have
12.My brother  __ football well.   
play plays to play
13. I  __ like black coffee.
don't not  to doesn't
14.Tim and Jane __  at school yesterday.
was not were not did not
15. Where  ___ you last Sunday?
16.Tim and Jane ___ in the park yesterday.
playeddid playwas play
17.I __to the stadium.
did gowent was go
18. We don't work __  Saturday.
in on  at
19.I have my birhtday __  December.
in on  at
20. This boy is __ that boy.
as much tall asas tall asso tall so

21. This boy is  __ that boy.
taller then taller than taller
22.This boy is __ in the class.   
the tallestmuch tall tallest
23. We need  __ bread.
24. We have not ___ bread.
25. Where ___ Tim and Jane be tomorrow?
26. I__ go to the party next Friday.
27. She__be at home at 10 o'clock.
must tomustto must
28.__help me with the homework?
Do you cancan you tocan you
29. Tim and Jane __ every Sunday.
playsplayare playing
30.The dinner__ my mother.
cooked by is cooked byis cooking by


31. An eagle is a kind of__
32. A spade is a kind of__
food tree tol
33. A shirt is a kind of  __.
clothesfood firniture
34.A drawing is a kind of__ .
sport musicart
35. A lorry is a kind of ___ .
building transportvegatable

                                      Every day conversations
36.Give me your pen, please!
Not at all!Here you are! Please!
37.Thank you very much!
The same to you PleaseYou are welcome
38. How are you?
very wellnice to see youHello!

                                     What is correct?
39.What the time is?How much time?What is the time?
40.How old are you? How old your are?How old you?

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