1. Anna told us about___
yourself herself   myself
2.This big house is___   
my        mine      me
3. Your room needs___
clean     cleaned cleaning
4. That is the dog__barked all through this morning.
who       which    this
5. There is__milk in the bottle.
many     a mony  much
6.There are __ eggs on th plate.
little       few        not much
7.What's__ TV tonight?
in           at          on
8.You look__today!
happy     so happyhappily
9.I can see you very__.
clear       clearly
10.He went her__ bus.
on           in           by
11.This is her bicycle,__?
is it          isn't it     dosen't it
12.He can drive a car,__?
can he      can't he   he can
13. She works in the office?__
does she   doesen't she isnt't she
14.If we drive to Moscow, it __longer.
shall take  will take    would take
15.Ann_ as a teacher before she went to Africa.
worked      was workinghad worked
16.This book__ by famous author.
is writing   was written  was writing
17.Can you_ some tea?
bring         to bring       bringing
18. She said her name __ Sara Grin.
were         is                was
19.I__ belive in ghosts.
used        used to        use
20.When my mother came home, I__ my homework.
did           have done     was doing
21.I__for her for 20 minutes.
am waitingwas waiting  have been waiting
22.I__dinner already.   
was cookinghave cookedcooked
23. When did the film__?
begin          began         began
24.He asked me if  I__the ballet?
did like       like             liked
25.If he worked hard he __ grammar.
would learn will learn     learned
26.We shall go for a walk if the rain__.
stopped      to stop       stops
27.I don't know what__.
do they wantthey want  they do want
28.He is good artist. He likes__ very much.
drawing       draw          to draw
29. How many friends__?
have you gotare you havinghave you have
30.I went to this school__English.
for to study  to study         for study


31. A pear is a kind of__
vagetable  flower              fruit
32. Owl is a kind of__
animal        bird                 fish
33. A rubber is a kind of  __.
food            sport              material
34.A nephew is a__ .
a profession relative           degree
35. A seller works in the ___ .
shop           factory            hospital
                                    Every day conversations

36.He is a talented composer.
- Idon't think__
it                so                   this
37.I passed all exams very well.
My good wishesGood luckCongratulations
                                     What is correct?

38. How much it costs?How does it cost? How much is it?
39.What size are you? What is your size?What size is you?
                                     Fill the gaps.

40._____ and the holidays!
finishfinishedare finished
41._____ .Peter
have startedhad been startedhad started
42._____ to the black Sea, and Anna 
shall flywill flywill be fly
43._____ to visit her native city. Sarah
goingis goinggo
44._____ the letter from Sam's mother!
has gotgetsget
45._____ her to spend holidays with them in a country house. She is looking!
46._____ it vety much.
forward forforward onforward to
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