I was born 14 January 1963 in Novosibirsk (Russia).
I had inclination to music and drawing form earliest years. After school I had choice to study arts and got special education like an artist and teacher of art.

In 1993 I started to study computer and from this time I divide myself between painting and computer designing. When I'm getting tired from computer I start to paint and it helps.

I adore learning new things. When I'm not studding or working about new idea I'm really bored.
So I always try to prove my skills in something new. :o) .

I have daughter Sasha 11 years old. She is main part of my live. Sasha's pics

I like traveling very much. I have been in Turkey, Denmark and Dominica

Information about my friends you can find here.

My ex-husband is computer designer too. We are good friends. He has own design studio Bison

G r a p h i c  a n d   S o u n d  S o f t w a r e  t h a t   I   u s e

Macromedia Flash 4-5
Macromedia Freehand 7-8
Adobe PhotoShop 3-4-5
Adobe Illustrator 8-9
Adobe Premiere 4-5
CorelDraw 5-6-7-8-9
Allaire Homesite 4
3DS MAX 1-2
3D-Studio 1-4
Fractal Design Painter 4-5-6
Gold Wave 4.19
WaveLab 3
MightyDAC 3.8

H i s t o r y  o f  W o r k  a n d   E d u c a t i o n

2000 - Free computer artist.

Web designer in Actis Systems (Novosibirsk) Company.

Web designer in Financial and Information Company. FIS
Started to study web design. Created web pages.

1997 - 1998
Computer artist-designer in Sibmegapolis Company.
Created advertising design.

1996 - 1997
3D Animator in M&F advertising agency.
Created 3D Animated advertising movies.

1994 - 1996
3D Animator in NTN-4 Television company.
Created 3D Animation for television.

1992 - 1994
Free artist. In 1993 - started to study computer. Studied graphic software

1988 - 1992
Teacher of art in school.

1982 - 1988
Studying in Novosibirsk's Pedagogical University.
Art and design faculty. Bachelor.